stuck in the 2000s, but ironically very progressive ™


the basics

name: dille


likes: dislikes: comfort characters: favorite games:
comfort needles oblina (AAAHH!! real monsters) crash nitro kart (GBA)
nostalgia gore ickis (AAAHH!! real monsters) wario land 3
rodents conflict mewtwo (pokémon) club penguin
nintendo DSi (any model) anxiety wario nickelodeon all-star brawl
art Tremorton Joyride spitz (warioware) mother 3
sleeping birdetta (birdo) mario kart DS
guinea pigs squidward tentacles crash bandicoot 2: cortex strikes back
bunnies becky the moose the king of fighters '98
ferrets super mario bros. 2
bathrobes dr. mario
otters killer instinct (2013)
pizza tower

i use clip studio paint pro for both art as well as animation. for animation i often use imovie and for backgrounds.
for older works, i simply used my mac trackpad for lineart. nowadays i have a xppen artist 13.3 pro tablet.